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Implement Android SDK

This native SDK enables Android developers to use the PolygonID solution in Android projects.

How to use the SDK


Follow the steps from the up-to-date README GitHub repository prerequisites.


The SDK needs to be initialized before being used:

context = context,
env = EnvEntity(
blockchain = "polygon",
network = "mumbai",
web3Url = "",
web3RdpUrl = "wss://",
web3ApiKey = "theApiKey",
idStateContract = "0x134B1BE34911E39A8397ec6289782989729807a4",
pushUrl = ""

The env param is optional but you need to set it up at some point via PolygonIdSdk.getInstance().setEnv().

Once initialized, you can use the SDK through its singleton PolygonIdSdk.getInstance()

"Under the hood"

This SDK is calling the Flutter SDK through MethodChannel, that's why each method has a Context param to initialize the get FlutterEngine. You don't need to install or know anything about Flutter.